Best Way To Play Fortnite Battle Royale

The genre that is known as battle royale, where many people fight to the last man standing, has becoming the hottest video game. These shooter games in which there can only be one winner out of many has generated various games, including the new Fortnite Battle Royale. It has its similarities, but also a number of differences that forces different playing strategies than other games of this nature. These tips provide a better way to play this game if you want to win in the survival of the fittest, a bloodbath for the chance to end out as a victor an alive.

When playing with someone who is right next to you, lower he volume of the headphones to where only you can hear it because hearing what the opponent is doing is an inside advantage. They will know what you have. That also means walk, don’t run, because the sounds of running gives away where you are going, especially when there’s some sight of smoke coming out. Be attentive to the area when getting weapons. None of this should be a problem if you have soundproof headphones. The less amount of noise, the less the opponents will know about when moving around.

Play like a man on the run for a crime you are wanted for by authorities. One has to be on the go and looking around, such as the possibility of finding another player right beside them locked and loaded. With every noise, pause, then go forward. If the noise sounds like a shotgun right beside you, get out your best weapon, turn, and fire, or quickly get out of the way from being ambushed. This is what battle royale is all about. Fortnite Battle Royale also forces cover players to take a 360 look around on their circle to find places for cover, as well as spot any incoming fire and player approaching them.

Utilize the map all the time to note safe zones and where others are. The map doesn’t mean wide open spaces, but gives an idea of how much space one player has. So, construct protection along the sides where the most dangerous players could be and attack with caution. Be aware of the size, what is safe and what is danger, and pay attention to when you are in or out of bounds and time you must get back in. If struggling, stay around the safe zone and pick a right time to attack or to steal. Don’t fight everyone encountered upon unless forced to. Of course, the higher the risk, the higher the benefits that come in winning.

In short: establish, built a fort, collect weapons, build some more, fight and kill, build, stay in the safe zone, and be patient. Don’t give away your location. Nothing is won instantly. This is about staying to the end rather than killing players with any weapon possible. Of course, the better the weapons, the stronger the defense, but it doesn’t mean automatic victory. Strategize and know what is the strengths of the plan with these shooter games and how they have been won before. It is not a game where one can wing it and expect to live. Only the smartest and fittest (with the controls) will always win.